About Our Club

Club History

Club Brochure 2023.pdf

Club Brochure

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Our Board

Connolly Walker


Tammy Ertl

President-Elect, Rotary Means Business Chair

Patrick Walsh

Immediate Past President

Katie Walker


Anna Tuell

Bulletin Editor, Club Executive Secretary, Club Service Co-Chair, Secretary 

Roger Saunders

Club District Conference Coordinator, Club Membership Co-Chair 

Caren Osborne

Sargeant at Arms, Club Social and Sunshine Chair

John Thomas Ebert

Disaster Chair

Eric Cameron Williams

Past President, Club Rotary Foundation Chair 

Courtney Cabe

Club Youth Services Co-Chair

Tonya Maness

Club Youth Services Co-Chair

Shari Becker

Club Service Committee Co-Chair

Andy Chused

Club Polio Plus Chair, Club Rotary Foundation Chair, Past President

Angela DeMuinck 

Club Membership Co-Chair

Shawn Brothers

Membership Advocate

Kathie Russell

Membership Advocate

Newt Heilman

Membership Advocate